Fire Sprinkler System

Style: Pendent/Upright/Sidewall  fire sprinkler

Size: R1/2” 3/4” and NPT 1/2” 3/4”

Material: Brass

Plating: Chrome, Natural brass, White painting, Blue painting

Working pressure : 12bar

Operating temperature :57°C/68°C/79°C/93°C/141° C

Wet Alarm Valve System

Nominal Diameter : 100mm, 150mm, 200mm 

Valve Body Height : 1.2MPa

Valve Body Height : 247mm, 270mm, 380mm

Flux : 15<Q<60(L/min)

Delay time : 15<t<60(s)

Flange Thread Size : 180mm, 240mm, 295mm

Thread Numbers and size : 8*18, 8*23, 12*23

 Water friction : <0.02

Fire Alarm System

The addressable fire alarm control panel is a dual wire analog bus system, it can replace the conventional fire alarm control system to save 50% or more cables.

Each detector, module, manual call point, horn, strobe ,hydrant has its own independent address, the fireman or the guard can find the exact fire alarm address instead of a wide area in conventional system.


Fire Hose Cabinet & Fire Extinguishing


Water fire extinguishing series:fire hydrant, nozzle&coupling, fire hose&reel, sprinkler, pump adapter, alarm valves, etc

Foam fire extinguishing series:foam tank, foam nozzle, foam hydrant, fire monitor, foam solution, etc

Gas fire extinguishing series:Heptafluoropropane, aerosol, etc